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Solar charger with LED light

2015-16 LED Architectural & Underwater Lighting
























Item Type: Flood Lights - Light Source: HID - Lamp Body Material: Aluminum - Place of Origin: Zhejiang - Brand Name: HONGYUAN - Model Number: HYTG-01 - Quality Management: ISO9001 - flood lighting: flood lighting - Body Material: Aluminum - Operating Voltage: 220-240v - Finishing Color: Black - Application: industrial area,... - Lighting Bulbs & Tube: HID 


Light Source: LED - Item Type: Tunnel Lights - LED Light Source: Cree - Input Voltage(V): 85 - Lamp Power(W): 100 - Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 9000 - Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):9... - CRI (Ra>): 90 - Color Temperature (CCT): Pure ... - Working Temperature(℃): -25... - Working Lifetime(Hour): 50000 

Light Source: LED - LED Qty (pcs): 300pcs SMD2835- LED Light Source: Cree - Input Voltage(V): 100-240V AC- Lamp Power(W): 45/60- Lamp Luminous Flux(lm): 6115lm- Lamp Luminous Efficiency(lm/w):9... - CRI (Ra>): 90 - Color Temperature : 3000K - 6000K - Working Temperature(℃): -Warm White, Neutral White, Pure White - Working Lifetime(Hour): 55,000hrs

Slim and elegant aesthetics - Future-proof and upgradable on site - Superior luminaire efficacy up to 122 lm/W - Wide range of optics and lumen packages - Advanced thermal management - Maximised savings on energy and maintenance costs - Contractor-friendly installation and maintenance - Minimal total cost of ownershipUp to ME2 lighting class applications - Up to G6 glare rating. Dark sky friendly and no upward light - Flexible and intelligent lighting control options - Low windage and lightweight - IP66 ingress protection - 100% recyclable 

STAR-optic® system delivers 360° variable photometryHybrid reflector + lens optic minimises light at angles near the horizontal • Slim, elegant and state-of-the-art design • High flux density and efficacy LED • Powerful output up to 36,000 lm • Superior luminaire efficacy up to 122 lm / W • Wide range of light distributionsLow lumen depreciation (L95 at 90,000 hours) at full power • User friendly installation • Maximised savings on energy and maintenance costs • Minimal total cost of ownershipUp to G6 glare rating. Dark sky friendly, no upward light • Flexible and intelligent lighting control options • Lightweight and low windage allowing retrofit onto most existing masts • IP66 ingress protection for Optical & Driver Compartment • 100% recyclable, low carbon footprint

A high quality, low cost solution to replace existing low pressure sodium (LPS) and compact fluorescent (CFL) luminaires on minor roads and residential areas.


Programmable LED Driver - Philips Lumileds LUXEON® T LEDs - 12 LEDs - Standard Neutral white LEDs (CCT= 4000K) - PMMA Lenses - Mini Photocell/NEMA Socket/Wireless CMS Options - IP66 grade protection - Optional polyester powder coat in RAL colours 

Minimises energy and operating costs by reducing overlighting; a result of very low thermal resistance LEDs that give exceptionally low lumen depreciation over life. P851 offers the ultimate solution to replace traditional HID sources with versatility and reliability.

Programmable LED Driver - Philips Lumileds LUXEON® M LEDs - Aeroflow® cooling system4, 6, 8 or 12 LEDs - Standard Neutral white LEDs (CCT= 4000K) - Flat Glass - Mini Photocell/NEMA Socket/Wireless CMS Options - IP66 grade protection - Iron grey (RAL 7011), other colours available on request 

January 01, 2020

The P850 is a LUX Award winning LED luminaire that can be seen across London on the TfL Road Network. It perfectly combines innovations in heat management, optical performance and energy saving in a beautifully simple aesthetic exterior.  The P850 minimises energy and operating cost by reducing over-lighting: a result of very low thermal resistance LEDs that give exceptionally low lumen depreciation over life. P850 represents the state-of-the-art in the design of high power LED luminaires at a surprisingly competitive price.


Superior luminaire efficacy up to 111 lm / W  (Luxeon® M) - High purity aluminium reflectors deliver exceptional optical efficiency - AeroFlow® Cooling System - L90 lifetime > 100,000 hrs ( 350mA, Ta = 15ºC ) - Compatible with all major CMS systems - Up to ME1 lighting class applicationsVery low glare (G6 rating) in all optical arrangements ensuring no upward light - Flexible mounting options (Ø 34-42 / Ø 60-76 mm • Universal SE/PT) - Flexible and programmable lighting control optionsLightweight (15kg) and low windage (0.052m2) allowing retrofit onto most existing columns - IP66 ingress protection 100% recyclable, low carbon footprint 

January 01, 2020

  • ​Flood Light MG-T300

  • ​Flood Light MG-T400

  • Highbay Light

  • Street Light

  • Down Light

  • ODM Design


January 01, 2020

Anging from 18m-60m in height, offer ease of maintenance with a simple and effective winching system which allows the lighting ring to be lowered to ground level for lantern maintenance. We can also offer a full high mast lighting design package to suit our clients’ requirements, whether the application is for Highways, Sports, Airport or Port Authority 


All CU Phosco high mast lighting equipment is designed and manufactured in the UK within a Quality Management System that complies with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 - The entire high mast shall be hot dip galvanised after fabrication, internally and externally, in accordance with BS EN ISO 1461 - CU lighting masts are duo-decagonal (20 sided) - Bespoke masts can be made to suit clients’ requirements -  Have a variety of winches and tools available to complement our high mast lighting systems 

January 01, 2020

FL800R LED FLOODLIGHTING SYSTEM provides an innovative new approach to floodlighting. To build a system, FL800R modules can be grouped as a luminaire in single, double, triple or quad configuration and arranged on a mast with full azimuth rotation and tilt function. FL800R module uses AeroFlow® Cooling System to provide exceptional thermal management. Maximised heat dissipation enables a compact luminaire design, which can be retrofitted onto existing masts. Lumileds LUXEON® M LEDs and AeroFlow® together deliver high lumen output with very low lumen depreciation over life, this minimises energy and operating cost by reducing overlighting


Lumileds LUXEON® M LED - Superior luminaire efficacy up to 124 lm / W  - High Colour Rendering Index (CRI > 70) - Constant Light Output (CLO) - Instant hot restrike - AeroFlow® Cooling System - Demountable driver compartment  - Low wind profile area - Low maintenance costs - Full Cowl, distribution cut off 5º below horizontal - Flexible and programmable lighting control options (CMS) - IP66 ingress protection • 100% recyclable - High flux density and efficacy LED - Reduces energy costs and carbon emissions - Improved safety and visual performance - Minimises overlighting, saving energy - Suitable for high security and safety critical lighting tasks - L80 > 100,000 hrs, Ta = 45ºC - Flexible mounting allowing cost savings - Allows mounting on existing columns / masts - Minimises Total Cost of Ownership - Dark sky friendly, minimal glare - Full control and monitoring of each luminaire - Consistant high performance in aggressive environments - Fully compliant with WEEE and RoHS regulations 

January 01, 2020

FL500 Mk2 is an advanced HID/eHID floodlight which combines high efficiency, flexibility and durability. Modular and compact design ensures low weight (11kg) and wind area (0.10m2), minimising lighting mast investment. Double asymmetric optic with full cut-off delivers exceptional lighting control; ideal for airports, ports, sport facilities and industrial / commercial areas. Certain versions of the FL500Mk2 comply with ETL guidelines for High Efficiency Lighting Units (HELU) and are eligible for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme


High pressure die cast aluminium body (recyclable) with heat resistant toughened flat glass - IP66 protection to optical and gear compartmentsNew reflector design, using the latest high efficiency reflector materials, maximises the useful light output - Optimised for electronic control gear, offers 15% energy saving over electromagnetic control gear - Lightweight, low wind area form minimises lighting mast and foundation costs - Can accommodate a broad selection of lamps including SON-T, CDO-TT, MBI-T, CosmoPolis, CDM Elite MW and MHN-LA - Both electromagnetic and electronic gear available - NEMA socket, mini-photocell and a range of leading CMS (Central Management System) options are also available 

January 01, 2020

 - Submerged land fixture

 - designed architectural effects

- suitable for outdoor lighting and interior lighting

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